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1 ampoule buy trenbolone acetate (48.2 mg of dry matter) contains 20 micrograms of alprostadil (found in complex with alfadeksom).

Treatment of chronic obliterating diseases of arteries III and IV stages.

Properties and mechanism of action:
Infusion buy trenbolone acetate leads to increased blood flow through the relaxation of tone of arterioles and sphincters precapillaries, improvement of microcirculation due to the increased flexibility of red blood cells, inhibition of platelet aggregation and activation of neutrophils, the dissolution of blood clots (increased fibrin-lytic activity), improving the delivery and utilization of oxygen and glucose to the ischemic tissue.

Dosage   intraarterial administration buy trenbolone acetate: Dissolve contents of one ampoule buy trenbolone acetate dry matter in 50 ml of saline. In the absence of other provisions of the ampoule half buy trenbolone acetate administered intraarterially for 60-120 minutes using an infusion device. If necessary, especially in the presence of necrosis under the strict control of the tolerance dose can be increased to one ampoule.This dosage is typically used for a single daily infusion. If carried out by intraarterial infusion catheter is inserted, depending on the severity of the disease and tolerability recommended dose of 0.1-0.6 ng / kg / min with the introduction of the drug for 12 hours using an infusion device (corresponding to 1 / 4-1 / 2 ampoules buy trenbolone acetate).
Intravenous infusion buy trenbolone acetate: 
Dissolve the contents of the two vials buy trenbolone acetate solids in 50-250 ml of physiological saline and the resulting solution was administered intravenously over 2 hours. This dose is applied twice a day intravenously.
Alternatively buy trenbolone acetate 3 ampoules dissolved in 50-250 ml of physiological saline solution may be administered by intravenous infusion over 3 hours once a day. Patients with impaired kidney function (renal failure with creatinine values> 1.5 mg / dL) intravenous buy trenbolone acetate must begin with a single ampoule 2 times a day, injecting it for two hours. In accordance with the overall clinical picture for two or three days, the dose can be increased to the values shown above. Patients with renal impairment or patients who may be attributed to the risk due to cardiac dysfunction, the volume of fluid administered during infusion should be limited to 50-100 ml per day. A necessary part of the test function of the cardiovascular system of the patient (ie, blood pressure and heart rate), if necessary, including the verification of weight, fluid balance test, the measurement of central venous pressure or echo-cardiography. Likewise, care should be taken by patients with peripheral edema or renal dysfunction (serum creatinine> 1.5 mg / dL). To prepare the solution should be immediately before the infusion. After a three-week course of treatment buy trenbolone acetateOM need to decide on the expediency of the further use of the drug in the patient. In the absence of a therapeutic to improve treatment should be discontinued. In general, the duration of treatment should not exceed 4 weeks.



buy trenbolone acetate can not be used with: hypersensitivity to alprostadil; decompensated heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias; pulmonary edema or infiltrative changes in the lungs of severe chronic obstructive disorders of ventilation; in patients who have undergone in the last six months of myocardial infarction; hepatic dysfunction, liver disease history; acute gastrointestinal ulcers or multiple injuries.

Side effects:
When intra-arterial administration buy trenbolone acetate often in the limb in which the drug is administered, there is pain, erythema or edema. In addition to these symptoms when administered intravenously possible redness vein into which a drug is administered. These symptoms disappear after dose reduction or discontinuation of the infusion.
There are:. Headache, adverse gastrointestinal reactions (eg diarrhea, nausea, vomiting), skin redness, as well as violations chuvstvitelstnosti
Rarely observed: drop in blood pressure, tachycardia, signs angina pectoris, increased liver function tests (transaminases), leukopenia or leukocytosis, joint symptoms, a state of mental confusion, convulsions central origin, fever, sweating, fever, chills, and allergic reactions; changes in C-reactive protein; in rare cases, the duration of treatment for more than 4 weeks hyperostosis of long bones. After discontinuation of the drug the symptoms disappear quickly. In isolated cases, the introduction of buy trenbolone acetate patients develop acute pulmonary edema or heart failure.

Interaction with other drugs:
In the treatment of buy trenbolone acetateOM can amplify the effect of antihypertensive drugs, vasodilators and drugs used for the treatment of coronary heart disease. In these cases, careful monitoring of the state of the cardiovascular system. Concomitant use buy trenbolone acetate patients taking drugs that prevent blood clotting (anticoagulants, platelet aggregation inhibitors), may increase the tendency of patients to bleeding. how much to inject for weight loss

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